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We are more than just a distribution fulfillment company; we are a value-added partner to our vendors. If you are a new manufacturer who wants to expand your line and gain market penetration into the Canadian channel, we can help!

Informed Solutions

With our experience, we can assist in guiding your brand to analyze whether it is mass market ready. At VisionUp Canada, we help analyze and assist your company on:
以我们过往丰富的经验,我们可以引导您的品牌,并在为大众市场进行分析时提供协助。在VisionUp Canada,我们能够为您的公司提供以下服务:

– Product Roadmaps                                                   – Pricing Scheme
-产品路标规划                                                               -价格定位计划

– Packaging design for Canadian channels             -Bilingual Repackaging services
-专用于加拿大的包装设计                                            -双语重新包装服务

-Translation Services                                                  – Promotional Strategies
-翻译服务                                                                      -产品促销策略

– Full S.W.O.T analysis
-完整S.W. O.T分析

We continue to seek new partners daily and hope to help build the next big brand.

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